Our Fees

We typically bill on an hourly basis. These rates, ranging from $175 to $350 per hour, are based upon the attorney's skill and experience and the nature and complexity of the legal matter. Normally, we require an advance deposit to be applied toward the monthly billings until the client establishes a satisfactory payment record.

However, we recognize that today's marketplace demands a variety of flexible fee schedules and, in appropriate cases, we offer the following alternate fee arrangements:

Deferred Fees; Equity Compensation. Our experience with start-up ventures has taught us that frequently entrepreneurs are "idea rich" and "cash poor." Sometimes lack of funds may force them to forego legal representation at the most pivotal time in the life of their business. For these start-ups, we develop specifically tailored arrangements that may be a combination of hourly fees, deferred compensation, and equity compensation. Because this fee flexibility for start-ups requires us, in effect, to invest in the business, our ability to do so depends upon our assessment of the risk involved, the other client matters currently undertaken by our office, the business prospects of the venture, and an assessment of its management team.

Retainer. We can assist a company in planning for legal representation and establish a fixed monthly payment based on the year's anticipated legal work. At year's end, unspent funds can be returned or applied to subsequent work. Alternatively, any remaining balance will then become due.

Fixed Fee. Certain transactional projects are appropriately undertaken for a pre-negotiated fee. We can also set fees by combining a fixed fee plus an hourly rate.

Negotiated Rate. For high volume projects or representations we can negotiate a reduced hourly rate.

Contingent fee. In appropriate circumstances, we will base our fee on a percentage of the amount received in a particular case. We can also set fees by combining fixed or hourly fees with a contingent fee.

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