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Why Should I Register a Trademark?

Trademark registration is crucial to any business wanting to protect their brand. Starting a new business can be tough. Competition is grueling and people out there will take advantage of you if you don't protect your company, your goods and services, and yourself. Federal and state trademark registration affords you the protection you need to maximize the full value of your brand.

1. Put people on notice that you own the Mark. This can deter others from using your Mark.

2. Protect your mark and keep others from using it.

3. Protect your company's and/or product's reputation by preventing others from degrading or diluting your brand.

4. Protect your hard work and investment. Do not let your competition get a free ride and confuse the public. This could cost you sales.

5. Protect your customers and/or potential customers from confusion. Let them know that your Mark belongs to you and only you.

6. Protect your investment in developing your brand. Logo design, brainstorming, research, and marketing campaign costs are expensive, do not lose your investment.

7. Build value into your company by developing and maintaining brands that become known to the public and have good reputation.

8. Allows you to License your brand. Reach new markets and create a new revenue stream through royalty income.

Why Should I Register a Copyright?

Copyright law protects the author/owner of a creative work from unauthorized use or copying. Creative work includes literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, source code, web sites, advertising, photography, paintings, and musical recordings.

1. The relatively inexpensive cost of registering a copyright far outweighs the damage that can be done by an infringer.

2. Put people on notice the the work belongs to you. This can deter others from copying your valuable work.

3. Allows you to obtain statutory damages and attorney's fees from infringers. Being able to obtain attorney fees reduces the cost of protecting your copyright and having access to statutory damages reduces and sometimes removes the burden of having to prove actual damages.

What should I do if accused of copyright infringement?

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