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We know what it takes to get a business up and running. We also know what it takes to make it grow and prosper. We understand the financial constraints placed on most startups during the initial bootstrap phase, and for this reason we offer a wide variety of fee arrangements and services to best suit your needs. Get the legal aspects of your business out of the way early, get it done reasonably, and get back to work building your business.

Here are a few of the most important products and services we can offer you, starting on day one of your business:

Business Formation Advice. We can advise you on the best business entity for your business, and prepare and file the necessary documents with the appropriate federal and state agencies. We can counsel you on and draft your governing documents such as shareholder, operating, or partnership agreements.
Business Development. We can work with you to refine your thinking about your new business idea in order to help you maximize your potential for finding your niche in the marketplace.
Business Plan Advice. Once your idea is refined, we can help you put it down on paper so that investors will take notice.
Federal, State, and Local Regulations: We can help you understand the various regulations that affect your business and suggest ways to help you fully comply.
Name, Logo, and Product Protection. Before you invest valuable resources in a business name, logo, brand or product name, we can conduct a trademark due diligence of these assets and suggest ways of protecting them for your company.
Financing Options: We can help you sort through the various options available to fund the growth of your business. From debt financing, SBA Loans, Venture Capital, and Angel Investors, each comes with its own pros and cons.
Office space leases or subleases: Review and drafting.
Stock Option Plans: Drafting, review, and consulting.
Executive Compensation Plans: Drafting, review, and consulting.
Employment Agreements: Drafting, review, and consulting. We can help you figure out how to attract and keep the employee talent you need to succeed.
Noncompete/Nondisclosure Agreements: What are they? Should you use them, and if so, why? We can help with drafting, review, and consulting.
Other Services Contracts: Drafting and review of web site contracts, work-for-hire agreements, vendor contracts.
Internet Advice. We can help you avoid potential pitfalls in your use of the Internet by performing an Internet Legal Audit tailored to your needs.

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The Law Office of Justin Copeland can also help you with other basic business legal needs such as:

Contract Drafting
Contract Review
Contract Disputes
Breach of Contract Litigation
Purchase and Sale Agreements
Business Document Consulting

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